Valgosocks Socks

How to use socks of the bone Valgosocks

Application of the characteristics socks Valgosocks

In addition, the bandage Valgosocks has a high efficiency, these products orthopedic are also very easy to use. It is advisable to wear them around the clock, even during the night. If there is this possibility, then you can use socks to the situation. But remember that the longer the thumb is fixed in a natural position under pressure, the faster you will be able to get rid of the bumps. From the bottom of the brace has a special lining that need to be removed every 3-4 days. Socks complete with detailed instructions, respecting the rules which will allow you to achieve the best results.

You should also keep in mind that when you use a brace it is desirable to use convenient, suitable for the size of the shoes on a low heel. Professionals we recommend that you use this shoes, even after correcting the deformations of the bones in order to avoid the development of a new curvature.

Directions for use

Bandage Valgosocks to correct the bone of the leg that you want to use in the following situations:

  • the curvature of the gold;
  • the appearance of dry calluses under the thumb;
  • transverse platypodia;
  • crushing the bones of the foot;
  • pain or discomfort when walking or standing on long legs.

Existing contraindications

Orthopedic socks Valgosocks do not have contraindications, but there are certain limitations for the use of the sale that you need with great care and precision:

  • the presence of wounds, burns, and rashes of the skin: the use of socks to slow down the processes of regeneration of affected tissues;
  • fungal infections: bandage can cause re-infection by fungi (for example, if you have used orthopedic products to treat fungus and begin to use them after a treatment of the disease);
  • the availability of various skin lesions at the points of contact with the socks.

On this basis, first experts recommend to get rid of related diseases and problems, and only then start to apply the bandage Valgosocks for the correction of bone deformation.